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Code for the game is in pure Python using pygame library (no game engine). Time limit: 3 days.  Currently as of writing this, we received no help from any graphic designers nor music composers/ SFX designers. 

You are a pilot of a ship in endless space, making your way out of a bunch of circles lovers trying to get your heart. This game romanticized adventure hopefully will have a spot in your heart.

You should be able to finish the game in a few attempts. It is rather easy to complete it in less than 10 mins. There are hints on how to finish the game, so the difficulty shouldn't be a problem. 


N0thing - Python Programmer

Ninja Coder - Python Programmer

Jirafey - Python Programmer,  game OST producer,  project manager, sound designer

Kat - Game OST composer 

BaralTech - Menu graphics,  code (from his tutorial).

Lucky - Playtester and a lot of ideas come from his game knowledge :)


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three things: One very cool game. Two I ask another contestant this question. why did you choose pygame for an engine? Three I was able to mess with the game and just went into the right-down corner and did not die.

all in all very good game.

1: Thank you very much I would love to try something more with dungeon crawler, bullet hell, roguelite, or something with cards like slay the spire ;3

2: pygame is not an engine it's just a library you import in Python which is used typically for games. Python has no game engines as far as I am aware as of writing this. Maybe there are, however, they can be incomplete or not polished enough to start learning them or just not well-known to the public yet.

3: I am really curious to see the video or just a screenshot, you can use OBS or just your phone, maybe it will help us make better games in the future? ;3

4: Thank you for playing the game, you flatter me haha, take care!